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Gulfam Khan

Gulfam Khan

Advocate High Court









Hello, my name is Gulfam Khan and I am an experienced lawyer with 28 years of practice. I have appeared in several courts including the Azad Kashmir High Court, District & Session Courts, Islamabad High Court, and Lahore High Court. My areas of expertise include Criminal Law, Family Law, and Civil Law. Throughout my career, I have diligently represented clients in various legal matters. I believe in providing personalized attention to each case and working closely with my clients to understand their specific needs and concerns. As a lawyer, I strive to protect the rights and interests of my clients and ensure that they receive a fair and just legal outcome. I understand the complexities and challenges that come with legal issues and aim to provide comprehensive legal advice and representation. With my extensive experience and expertise in multiple practice areas, I am confident in my ability to handle a wide range of legal matters effectively. If you are looking for a dedicated and knowledgeable lawyer, I am here to assist you. Contact me to discuss your situation and let me help you navigate through the legal complexities.


M.A.(History), M.A.(Urdu), LLB (PB), B.Ed.


Criminal Law | Civil Law | Family Law

Address & Location

Kahuta Kachehri District Rawalpindi , Kahuta Kachehri, Kahuta


Azad Kashmir High Court | Islamabad High Court | Special Courts | District & Session Courts | Lahore High Court


English | Urdu | Punjabi

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