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Malik Ghulam Akbar Awan

Advocate High Court









Introducing Malik Ghulam Akbar, an exceptional lawyer based in Rawalpindi with an illustrious career spanning 15 years. With an unwavering commitment to the pursuit of justice and a passion for the law, Malik has established himself as a trusted legal professional in the region. Throughout his career, Malik has honed his expertise in various areas of law, garnering extensive experience in Family law, criminal defense, civil litigation, and corporate law. His comprehensive understanding of the legal landscape allows him to navigate complex cases with precision and provide strategic counsel to his clients. Known for his unwavering dedication, Malik is a staunch advocate for his clients' rights and tirelessly fights to secure the best possible outcomes. His strong analytical skills, combined with his persuasive courtroom presence, have consistently yielded favorable results in high-stakes litigation. Malik's ability to build strong relationships with clients is a testament to his exceptional communication skills and empathetic nature. He approaches each case with compassion, taking the time to understand the unique circumstances and concerns of his clients. By fostering a strong attorney-client relationship, Malik ensures that his clients feel heard and supported throughout the legal process. In addition to his successful track record, Malik is highly regarded for his integrity, professionalism, and meticulous attention to detail. He is known for his thorough research and preparation, leaving no stone unturned in the pursuit of justice. His dedication to staying up-to-date with the latest legal developments empowers him to provide cutting-edge legal strategies to his clients. Beyond his legal practice, Malik actively contributes to the legal community through mentoring aspiring lawyers and participating in professional development programs. He is deeply committed to promoting legal education and fostering a culture of excellence in the legal profession. As an accomplished lawyer with a wealth of experience and a passion for justice, Malik Ghulam Akbar continues to make a profound impact on the lives of his clients. With his unwavering dedication, exceptional legal acumen, and compassionate approach, he is undoubtedly a standout figure in the legal field.




Criminal Law | Civil Law | Family Law | Anti-Narcotics Law

Address & Location

Chakwal Law Chamber, near old bakhshi khana, kachehri, District Rawalpindi., kachehri, Rawalpindi


Islamabad High Court | Lahore High Court


English | Urdu

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